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Outboard DAC, 230 volts. Built: 1994 - 1996,
Color: Black
Country of Manufacture: England
Inputs: SPDIF/RCa, SPDIF AES/EBU, Outputs XLR and RCA analog, RCA SPDIF Digital, compatible with external power supply PSX-R. Dimensions 8 1/2 Wide, 13 3/4 deep, 3 1/4 high
Input: Crystal-8412-CP
Digital Filter: 8-times oversampling NPC
D / A converter: 20 bit converter Analog Device

Condition: Good -230 volt unit, no manual, but with AES/EBU digital cable

Original Retail Price: $2000.00


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  • Fair: 3 or 4 minor flaws, or 1 major scratch, appears used (5/10).


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