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Cable Research Lab's Copper (Pair)
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Cable Research Lab's Copper (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Cable Research Lab

Manufacturer's Description:

The Charm of Copper.

Precision and value are combined in CRL's very affordable Copper Series. The Copper Series achieves natural sound through braided wire technology. Making them both flexible and smaller in diameter than our solid core design.

There's no skimping here. Expertly hand made in the U.S. with attention to every detail – twisted pair copper conductors provide neutral sound, a black background and a wide soundstage.
    •    Waiting for the allure of a sophisticated yet economical choice?
    •    On-hold for a cable that complements your two channel audio or home theater system?
    •    Anticipating the distinctive sound of a glorious theater in your home?
    •    Your wait is over.

Natural beauty delivered from CRL's Copper Series. Install with ease, then shut those eyes. You know where you're going. Casual attire encouraged.

Copper Series Speaker Cables
    •    Various sizes of bare OFC conductors surrounded by a Litz wire array
    •    Insulated with pure polypropylene dielectrics
    •    Durable PVC outer tubing and abrasion-resistant outer mesh covering
    •    Available in standard 6-ft. and 8-ft. pairs.

Pricing Information

Amp End
Speaker End
Price: $1,299.00
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