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Analysis Plus's Component Oval Reference 3-Wire
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Analysis Plus's Component Oval Reference 3-Wire

Video: Component by Analysis Plus

Manufacturer's Description:  

Getting the very best picture from your television system requires high quality cables between the source and the display.  At the higher frequencies of video signals, carefully controlled impedance is critical to prevent deterioration of the picture. 

Most commodity video cables are assembled with pigtail connections which creates an impedance discontinuity.  Analysis Plus Oval Video cables use true 75 ohm connectors to maintain the impedance. 

The patent hollow oval conductor design maximizes bandwidth. 

A shield attached to the connectors with a 360 degree contact surrounds the signal conductors preventing outside electrical interferences from contaminating your picture.

Available bundled as 3, 4 or 5 conductor sets. 

Terminations are RCA connectors. (only)

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