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Analysis Plus's Component Oval One 3-Wire
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Analysis Plus's Component Oval One 3-Wire

Video: Component by Analysis Plus

Manufacturer's Description:

Component video connections on new generation source components and TVs promise no-compromise picture quality. But that promise isn't kept unless the cable that carries the delicate video signal keeps every nuance clean and intact.

Our hand-made Component Oval One cable uses our proprietary oval braided signal conductor for maximum signal transfer.

A braided outer shield mate to a solder-less true 75 ohm connector (RCA, BNC or F) screens out RFI and EMI noise that could otherwise degrade picture quality.

A low-loss dielectric, 100-percent shield coverage, and 360-degree compression connections provide the truest colors and details.

Delivering the best performance at the best price, Component Oval One is simply one of the most cost effective A/V upgrades you'll find anywhere.

RCA, BNC & F- type connectors available

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $140.00
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