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Comice (Pair)
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Comice (Pair)

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Comice Speaker Cable Raises Expectations  

Built with a foundation in science, carefully crafted in the United States, and verified with listening tests, the Comice Speaker Cable sets the new standard for audiophile speaker cable within financial reach. Teflon, cotton, and high-grade copper enable the perfected geometry of this cable to bring any type of music to life.

The hallmark of the Comice Speaker Cable is simple accuracy and neutrality.

The 6 helically wound conductors of the Comice Speaker Cable provide the backbone for this low-inductance cable that measures in at just 0.06 microH/ft. Dielectric absorption is kept low and linear with optimized thickness Teflon insulation.

The Comice Speaker Cable absorbs less energy (when compared to most cables of the same gauge), giving more accurate sound than our competitors. Steadily growing in popularity, the Comice Speaker Cable is destined to become a classic.


No Detail Too Small
Every aspect of the Comice Speaker Cable has been meticulously analyzed to optimize performance. From the precise lay of the conductors, to the insulation thickness, to the material choices, no detail is too small for consideration. By optimizing every parameter, we can squeeze every bit of accuracy and performance out of a given cable geometry.

Low Inductance

By utilizing 6-conductors, precisely spaced in a spiraling helix, the Comice Speaker Cable is able to achieve dramatically lower inductance than traditional 2 conductor speaker cables. How low? At just 0.06 microH/ft, the Comice Speaker Cable has just 1/3rd the inductance of typical 2 conductor speaker cables. That means less energy will be absorbed by the cable, giving you all the detail you desire.

Mechanical Resonance Control
The Comice Speaker Cable has been specifically designed to eliminate mechanical resonance. Speaker cables carry a lot of current, which creates magnetic fields around the conductors. These magnetic fields push the positive and negative conductors apart at the frequency of the music, and can cause the cable to vibrate. This vibration absorbs energy and distorts the audio signal. The 6-conductor configuration of the Comice Speaker Cable neutralizes much of the force caused by these magnetic fields. In addition, the compressed cotton core of the cable in conjunction with the compressive outer jacket helps to eliminate resonance caused by any remaining magnetic fields. The end result is bass that hits you like a brick (the way it should).

Highest Quality Materials

High purity, 99.99% pure oxygen free copper, fully annealed conductors are utilized in this cable. You won't find sound-degrading silver-plated copper here. Plating conductors in cables that carry music signals (interconnects and speaker cable) causes frequency smearing due to the skin effect. High frequency information, which gets pushed to the outside of the conductor, sees a different resistance (from being in a different metal) than the low frequency information.
Teflon primary insulation surrounds our high purity copper. Teflon is the most expensive cable insulation material, but it also gives the best frequency response of any solid cable insulation material.

Better Noise Rejection
By utilizing 6-conductors in a spiraled helix, we have dramatically increased noise rejection. Both electromagnetic noise (EMI) and electrostatic noise (RFI) are effectively reduced without the need for an external shield that would have an adverse effect on sound quality.

Reduced Skin Effect
Skin effect is an electrical phenomenon that pushes high frequency information to the outside of a conductor. This causes that high frequency information to "see" less copper and experience higher resistance than the low frequency information. By separating each conductor into 3 individually insulated wires, we have dramatically lowered the skin effect in the Comice Speaker Cable. This gives your sound more detail and accuracy.

Made in the USA for superior quality

The Comice Speaker Cable is available with either Level 1 or Level 2 connectors. In either case, the connection is achieved by crimping connectors or crimps under extreme pressure to achieve a cold weld to the cable conductors. In the case of Level 2 connectors, a separate gold plated, pure copper, crimp ferrule is utilized which enables the connector to be attached using a setscrew. The setscrew connections of Level 2 connectors allow removal/replacement of connectors if desired. All connectors are attached immediately after insulation is removed in order to achieve a corrosion free, permanent connection, which will provide years of stable performance. Level 1 Banana connectors are traditional gold plated spring leaf style. Level 1 Spade connectors are gold plated pure copper and are stepped to accommodate binding posts from 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter. Level 2 Banana connectors are removable, angled, split-pin, locking connectors that create a vice-like grip between the connector and the speaker terminal. Level 2 Spade connectors are removable, textured contact surface, gold plated solid copper and are stepped to accommodate binding posts from 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter.

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