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Coherence One  (Pair)
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Coherence One (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Fadel Art is presenting for the first time its revolutionary "Coherence" cable technology. This conception will make without any doubt a remarkable and a so far unbelievable step on the road to the perfect signal transmission.

The basic idea behind this concept is the knowledge that for an ideal signal transmission in a system, which consists of several components and which consists therefore also of several cable connections, only an identical cable structure for each connection and resulting of this an identical signal velocity will lead to a perfect result. We call this a "coherent" system. The consequences of such a concept are particulary noticeable with very complex signals, like music signals are. Extensive listening tests have corroborated our theory very clearly – a "coherent“ system is in every respect head and shoulders above a „non coherent“ system, concerning the quality of the music reproduction.

Within the "Coherence“ technology from fadel Art for the first time an identical topology is employed for all cables for the different applications. This results in, that if these cables are used for all connections within a high quality audio system, the signal will find identical conditions on its whole way from the signal source to the speakers and also the signal will be transmitted particularly with an identical velocity.

Technically the "Coherence“ concept is a further development of the remarkable "Silence Technology“ from fadel Art, realized in our "Reference One“ series, which was for the first time able to eliminate the disturbing molecular movements or micro-vibrations inside the conductors. The topology of this system is identified by the use of two different cable types, which are arranged in a totally new way, namely concentrically, and which compared with the "Reference One“ concept is therefore representing only one single cable. The correction of the different signal velocity for low and for high frequencies is realized also by a completely new and unique way, namely by the use of different insulation technologies inside the cables. Because of that, the correction is homogeneously effective at any point of the cable and is not, like with all so far used correction methods, concentrated only at one point of the cable.

This extremely intelligent cable construction is the basis for all cable types like speaker cables, interconnect cables, digital cables and power cords. The optimized adaptation for the individual application is achieved by a special termination at both ends of the cable. For an optimal result consequently the use of the „Coherence“ cables for all kinds of connections is called for.

The "Coherence“ cable technology is representing both technology wise and musically wise the new top level within the cable hierarchy from fadel Art. It confirms us once more in our continuous striving for the optimal signal transmission in the sense of the best possible music reproduction.

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