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Omega Mikro's Clearview Ultrathin Ribbon Plus (Pair)
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Omega Mikro's Clearview Ultrathin Ribbon Plus (Pair)

Interconnects by Omega Mikro

Manufacturer's Description:

The festive-looking copper foil inside a skinny baggie is the all-new Clearview Ultrathin Ribbon analog interconnect. Ron and I have been hard at work, improving upon our original, widely-praised Ultrathin design. The perplexed look on your face will evaporate the instant you hear the excitement the Ribbon adds to your music: startling energy, all kinds of new instrumental details, thunderous bass and perfectly-articulated, endless treble.

In case you’re wondering, there’s much more to our interconnects than meets the eye. Our conductor is high purity, proprietary metallurgy, copper ribbon–much thinner than any existing cable (including competing flat-wire designs). The insulation is a handmade, super-thin polymer sheath for lowest dielectric absorption. Each interconnect is given three separate chemical and electromagnetic treatments. Our proprietary RCA plugs are the best-sounding plugs in high end audio (including BNCs and XLRs).

For audiophiles who know, our new ribbons handily beat our old Ultrathins—and the old ones already smoked interconnects costing up to $1500, including Monster, Audioquest, Acoustic Zen, Nordost, DH Labs, Goertz, Audio Note, Kimber, Cardas, MIT, Transparent, Harmonic Technology, Synergistic, Straightwire, TARA and XLO.


All Clearview wires are available in a Plus version. Plus uses conductors with our new stress-relived metallurgy. I hear the Plus making the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive. For fans of acoustic music, small group jazz or chamber music, we recommend Plus without hesitation.

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Price: $175.00
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