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Classic Polyurethane Foam
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Classic Polyurethane Foam

Acoustic Treatments by

Manufacturer's Description:

    * Famous anechoic wedge shape
    * Noise reduction coefficients (NRC's) ranging from 0.75 to 0.80
    * Available with special colortecT process
    * Panel size of 24"x48," 2" thick SONEXclassic and 24"x24," 2" thick SONEXjunior

SONEXclassic and SONEXjunior Panels feature a modified anechoic wedge design for cost-effective, yet impressive sound control. The unique geometric shape of the surface pattern on these panels provides optimum deflection of sound waves, making them an excellent choice for recording and broadcast studios. These versatile panels can also be used in listening rooms, restaurants, production areas and other locations where sound absorption is critically important. Panels offer excellent acoustical control across all frequencies with Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRCs) ranging from 0.75 to 0.80.

SONEXclassic and SONEXjunior Panels are available in either natural or painted willtec as well as colortecT, a process through which the entire thickness of the foam panel is dyed a deep charcoal color. These panels are especially appropriate for rooms with dark d‚cor. Regardless of the finish option, illbruck's exclusive willtecr foam is Class 1 fire-rated according to ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke density. willtec natural and colortec meet the corner burn test UL 1715. These panels can easily be mounted to any wall or ceiling surface with illbruck's AcouSTICT water-based adhesive.

Designed to be mounted on walls, partitions or barriers and absorb unwanted airborne noise in a wide range of applications including factories, schools, broadcast and recording studios, gymnasiums, arenas and performance spaces.

Important Notice Regarding Flammability of Foam Products

THIS ITEM SHIPS VIA TRUCK FREIGHT - Special Freight Charges applied - Please inquire with our customer service dept. prior to order.

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