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Aural Symphonics's Chrono RCA (Pair)
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Aural Symphonics's Chrono RCA (Pair)

Interconnects by Aural Symphonics

Manufacturer's Description:

The Chrono (referring to time) interconnect is the latest top of the line Aural Symphonics analog cable.

All Chrono conductors and connectors are cryogenic infusion processed. The positive conductor is a huge 8.0awg conductor configured as multiple un-insulated solid cores. The negative is a smaller conductor in relation to the huge positive and there is no outer shield or crushed polypropylene fillers in the design. Chrono will not produce any audible hum as a result of having no outer shield. There is also no additional resistive load on the ground conductor as a result of deleting the outer shield. All of these design benefits incorporated into the Chrono results in minimal audible signature and minimal electrical effect on the audio waveform. Chrono is capable of stable and linear frequency response over long cable lengths. Chrono and the WBT 0110cu connector exhibit minimal effects on electronic component interfacing and, is usable in applications of both vacuum tube and solid state.

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $1,553.50
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