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Mobile Fidelity's Carbon 3.5 Cartridge
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Mobile Fidelity's Carbon 3.5 Cartridge

Cartridges by Mobile Fidelity

Manufacturer's Description:

New Limited-Edition MoFi Cartridge: The Carbon 3.5!
The Mobile Fidelity Carbon 3.5 is totally hand-built by one of the last Japanese masters of moving coil cartridge making: Mr. Haruo Takeda of Miyabi Labs; a Japanese analog master who has been making cartridges for decades.

This cartridge is totally unique, both in its design and its sonic presentation. First, you’ll notice the Carbon 3.5 is round; this helps reduce standing waves for much lowered resonance. Then you’ll notice it’s housed in a Carbon Fiber body, used for its rejection of vibration. The Carbon 3.5 also uses an extremely short aluminum cantilever and Alnico magnets. These were chosen for their sonic virtues. Alnico magnets are much denser and the added mass further reduces resonance. This cartridge is great tracker, due to the use of an Ogura Line Contact Stylus. The Carbon 3.5 also uses a threaded top-plate for easy installation and great stylus guard for protection.
How does it sound? The Carbon 3.5 achieves a superb level of sonic realism. Its portrayal of textures is sublime. The cartridge is lightning fast with dynamic capabilities which represent the true nature of a live performance. This cartridge renders absolutely holographic images. It reproduces a huge soundstage and solidly locks instruments in space. The cartridge is capable of great delicacy and easily reveals previously unnoticed details from albums you’ve heard many times over.
The Mobile Fidelity Carbon 3.5 is simply one of the most enjoyable cartridges you’ll ever hear. Its focus is on the musicians and the music, the way it’s supposed to be. Those of you who are fortunate enough to hear one will experience one of the most natural, musically involving and moving analog presentations. Our highest recommendation!
Carbon Fiber Design Reduces Vibration
Round Body for Lowest Possible Resonance
Special Proprietary Alnico Magnets
Incredible Dynamics and Holographic Imaging
Threaded Top-Plate for Easy Installation

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