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CS Series
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CS Series

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TAOC -- A trusted brand

TAOC is Aisin Takaoka's brand of high-grade audio equipment. A member of the Toyota group of companies, Aisin Takaoka is one of the world's top casting companies and is the largest producer of cast-iron automobile parts in Japan. The common driving force behind all TAOC products is cast-iron. Owr focus is on the damping effects of the graphite contained in cast-iron and we have been producing high-end audiovisual accessories since 1983 for audiophiles around the world.

"Controlling" rather than "damping" vibrations

Based on the concept "the one who conquers vibration conquers audio," TAOC has pursued high rigidity and optional damping performance. Our goal has been to create high-resolution and high-fidelity sound. And audiophiles around the world have recognized the superb damping effect of TAOC products. The FC series --- a lineup of high-grade speaker systems made by TAOC --- is the culmination of our cast-iron damping technology. The conclusion we have reached as a result of our speaker development is that a "symbiosis with vibration" needs to be created. Vibration control reduces unwanted vibrations that tend to muddy the sound, giving life to natural and beautiful vibrations. This is TAOC's new concept. TAOC continues to focus on the relationship between music and vibrations.

The foundation of audio is the setup.

Is your audio system performing at its best?

TAOC's audiovisual accessories will elevate your favorite audio equipment to another

level. Our vibration-control technologies improve the low transients to enhance

separation and the amount of information in the sound. This creates a beautiful

sound with excellent resolution.


 Frame: Steel

 Wooden components: Natural oak (Front: solid board. Sides: veneer)

 Shelf boards: 5-layer laminated construction (22mm thick)


Frame metal components: Black-gray metallic

Frame wooden components:

Dark oak (product numbers with D) or

light oak (product numbers with L)

 Shelf boards: Black and gray reversible (semi-matte finish)

Includes spike receptacle plate.

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