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Chang Lightspeed's CPN 3010
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Chang Lightspeed's CPN 3010

Power Conditioners by Chang Lightspeed

Manufacturer's Description:

The Encounter series powerline devices create a super-low impedance path when connected to any audio/video system in order to drain EMI and RFI noise—with or without using any powerline conditioners.

Since the Chang Encounter powerline devices are purely parallel in design, they do not require you to plug any audio components directly them.  Instead, simply plug a Chang Encounter into the nearest outlet to your audio/video system, and your system’s performance will improve dramatically.

The Chang Encounter powerline devices also function as super high-quality power extension devicesthat provide the great bonus of dramatic system performance improvements.

Furthermore, Chang designed its Encounter series products to work with most existing power line enhancers so as to improve overall system performance.
Chang Encounter Poweline devices' unique features allow you to:

*    Improve any audio/video system without plugging any components directly into the Encounter.

*    Use Chang Encounter as the ultimate power-extension device while dramatically improving your system’s performance.
*    Improve your audio/video system while utilizing any kind of powerline conditioner (including Chang).

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