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Audio Replas's CPC-35SZ
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Audio Replas's CPC-35SZ

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

CPC-35SZ can be adopted easily to your existing power tap and protect noises coming in near around a plug.

By holding a plug tightly, high-frequency noises coming through a plastic plug are rejected and also existing noises from the tap are conducted, and it will improve S/N ratio, Resolution and dynamic range.

This cover is applicable for all kind of wall-consent(UL, JIS, etc)

Material: Air Craft Grade Aluminum Alloy(35mm)
Process: Solid-curving from a mass.
Material Processing: Ultra SZ Molecular treatment.
Fixing: 1mm Double-faced Adhesive Tape.
Size: 93mm×54mm×35mm (H/W/D)

Pricing Information

Price: $695.00
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