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Audio Replas's CPC-2SZ/HG AC Receptacle Housing/HG
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Audio Replas's CPC-2SZ/HG AC Receptacle Housing/HG

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by Audio Replas

Manufacturer's Description:

In addition to 30mm Air Craft Grade Aluminum-alloy, 10mm copper layer and 20mm layer of special alloy-powder were combined to make 3 stratums construction which can eliminate a noise in every frequency range
We realized a super clean power supply by succeeding technologies of our flag-ship model "Triangle Power 6".
AC current is normally distorted by a stress of several kind of noises such as high-frequency noise, electrostatic noise and so on.
And by eliminating such a wide-ranged noise, AC current will be clean and stress-free for a smooth stream of AC current, and in this reason, amplifiers and CD players will also reproduce a high quality sound of very high S/N ratio, as such noises do not come into these components.


Materials: Air Craft Grade Aluminum-Alloy(30mm), Special Nickel-Coating High-Purity copper(10mm) & Super high-density Special Alloy Powder.
Process: Solid Curvuing.
Material Processing: Ultra SZ Molecular treatment.
Size: 120mm×70mm×40mm (W/H/D/)
Applicable for: PAD(Lebiton), Hubbel, etc.

Since it was discovered that AC power supply is badly affecting to Hi-fi sound,There are several audio accessories concerning to the power supply.However, as concerning to a Consent-Plate, a priority of existing power plates is given to faculty and a design (shape), and non of them can be authorized as anAudio-Grade.Although, there are many grade of Power Tap, a Power plate and a Wall ConsentPlate have been ignored up to today.In the Audio field, a function (role) of such a plate should be basically to reduce EMI and FRI, to regulate a noise coming from AC power supply.Among several power cables and power taps to reduce a noise, we tried to seek for higher fidelity by reducing further noises by this Power Plate.In order to reduce noises coming through a Plug, this plate will cover a whole plug by its 25mm depth plug receptacle.This time, we arranged a new treatment "Super Cryogenic processing" in order to arrange a molecular construction of the material in a flat order and to improve a shield effect and a vibration characteristic.As a result, S/N ratio was remarkably improved and accordingly, a depth and a cubic effect on a sound stage was much improved even more than a result to use high-end Power taps.

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Price: $1,650.00
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