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DH Labs Silver Sonic's CM-R1 RCA Socket (Pair)
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DH Labs Silver Sonic's CM-R1 RCA Socket (Pair)

RCA by DH Labs Silver Sonic

Manufacturer's Description:

In 2003, our Ultimate RCA plug set a new performance standard for high-end audio connectors.

Now we introduce a matching socket, the CM-R1. Like our Ultimate plug, the CM-R1 is made entirely from copper, and features our exclusive Ultra-Gold plating. This chassis socket is available to both end users and OEMs who seek the best possible sound from their audio systems. Requires a 10 mm or 7/16 inch chassis hole when used with the supplied insulating washers, and an 8 mm (5/16 inch) hole when used without the washers.

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Price: $50.00
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