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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 9-S
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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 9-S

Racks and Stands by Gingko Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

We are very excited to introduce a new Gingko product designed specifically for the popular VPI Scout/Scoutmaster. It is called Cloud 9S and it has several attractive features:

    * It features the double thickness base of the Cloud 11 for high performance and safety (the balls won't roll off the dimples)
    * It features a separate plate for the motor, further isolating motor noise from the plinth.
    * It provides dimples placed strategically to allow many ball position combinations to accommodate different weights from the Scout to the Scoutmaster with Super Platter (see picture below).
    * The balls support the bottom side of the plinth for a lower profile. The silver cone feet will go through the four corner holes and be lifted off of the shelf, further isolating the plinth from shelf vibration.
    * It follows the contour of the Scout/Scoutmaster plinth and is a perfect match visually. 

Pricing Information

Price: $399.00
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