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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 9-A
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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 9-A

Racks and Stands by Gingko Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Following the success of the Cloud 9S, an economical vibration solution for the VPI Scout/ Scoutmaster, Gingko Audio is proud to unveil the similarly-designed Cloud 9A for the popular VPI Aries.  Attractive, and attractively-priced at $449, the Cloud 9A is a no-brainer upgrade to bring your Aries to a new level. The extended motor plate is designed to accommodate the flywheel motor.
Performance-wise, the Cloud 9 rivals the best out there. In the following graph we show a direct side-by-side comparison between no Cloud on the left of the screen (measures vibration on the shelf) and with Cloud 9 on the right of the screen (measures vibration on the plinth). The resulting airborn vibration from a music track playing through an audio system was shown in color (the hotter the color, the more vibration). It was recorded in real time (horizontal axis) across frequencies from 10 to 22K Hz (vertical axis) with two identical sensors mounted on the shelf and the plinth. The black line at the top shows the sum of the vibration across all frequencies. 

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Price: $499.00
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