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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 14B
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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 14B

Racks and Stands by Gingko Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Gingko Audio is extremely excited to announce the introduction of the new Cloud 14, designed specifically for lighter turntables and other lighter equipment.

We have sold thousands of Clouds and their performance is undisputable. But as you know, the balls used in the Cloud are designed to work optimally under a load of 10 lbs per ball. As a minimum of 3 balls are needed under the top plate, an ideal load is an audio component weighing 30 lbs.

Unfortunately, many components, notably entry level turntables made by Rega, Music Hall, Project, etc., weigh less than 30 lbs. To compress the balls properly, it is best to add more weight to the component before putting them on the Cloud. This is where the new Cloud 14 fits the bill. The Cloud 14 has a heavier top plate, with the added weight being a wood insert under the top surface. The combination of the added weight and the constrained layers of wood and acrylic results in the best performance for equipment weighing less than 30 lbs. Our lab tests and listening tests confirm the results and a new product is born.

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Price: $499.00
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