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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 10 Jumbo
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Gingko Audio's CLOUD 10 Jumbo

Racks and Stands by Gingko Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

26 x 20 (8 balls)


Tuneable vibration control system offering complete flexibility in getting the most out of your audio system. Users can experiment with different balls in different positions to match their equipment and achieve the sound they prefer.

Elegant design that enhances the looks and sound of your system. Black acrylic to match equipment and decor.

A vibration-control platform that, in some embodiments, includes a bottom plate having three or more wells. The wells receive a plurality of vibration control elements, which are used to isolate a supported object from vibrations. In some embodiments, the vibration control elements are rubber balls. The presence of the wells facilitates placement of the vibration-control elements under a top platform or directly under an object, especially when the object is located in a tight space, such as a component rack, or when the object has a non-uniform weight distribution.

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Price: $649.00
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