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CF-1000 Big Sur Anti-Vibration A/V Rack - Acrylic Shelves
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CF-1000 Big Sur Anti-Vibration A/V Rack - Acrylic Shelves

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Manufacturer's Description:

Composite Products utilizes carbon fiber, a leading edge aerospace material, to accomplish the goal of virtually eliminating vibration, thereby assuring the best audio/video reproduction the system is capable of delivering. A properly designed high-performance anti-vibration rack virtually eliminates vibration, a significan detriment to the performance of the system.

CF-1000 Wide: Big Sur: Acrylic Shelves, 1 Wide Top, 2 Middle, 1 Wide Bottom Shelf


- 1 Set of 7 Carbon Fiber Legs
- 1 Sets of 59.5" x 23.5" x 1" Acrylic Shelves (Component area 58" x 21")
- 2 Sets of 25.4" x 22" x 1" Acrylic Shelves
- 2 Sets of Carbon Fiber Posts
- 1 Set of seven steel spikes for carpeted floor
- 1 Set of seven fiberglass spikes for hard floors.

For further configurations, please click here to go to the manufacturer's website. There you can create your rack for your specifications. Please refer to The Cable Company in comments before you submit.

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