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With the original release of the Shanling CD-S100 (Music Hall CD25), Shanling broke from tradition and offered a CD player costing under CDN $1k that was packed with the latest technology and was competitive with players costing much more.  It presented a sonic picture that was filled with detail, air, great extension, and gave the customer a musical sound that wasn’t previously associated with this price range.  However, as Shanling is not a company to rest on its laurels, they sought to further push the limits of what can be done with a CD player costing under the 1k mark.

We are extremely pleased to offer our customers Shanling’s latest effort, the CD-S100 MkII.  This version of the CD-S100 far exceeds the performance of the original.  Though skeptical at first, we are very confident that this player not only outperforms the original but will outperform players costing much more!  The improvements made to the CD-S100 start from the ground up.  New feet, coupled with the use of thick, heavy aluminum in the chassis, body, and faceplate have increased the damping of the unit.  Internally, a better D/A converter, Op amp line output chip, transport isolation, and improvements to the power supply result in a much-improved sound.

Comparison to the original CDS-100 (Music Hall CD25):
    •    The MkII version is smoother with a more musical sound.
    •    High frequencies are more extended and airy.
    •    Soundstage is much more three-dimensional.
    •    Midrange is richer and the body is more solid.
    •    Higher resolution with more detail and ambience.
    •    Better separation of instruments and more natural portrayal of voices.
    •    Bass is tighter, possessing more control and better definition.
    •    Faster transient response with better dynamics.
    •    As well, Shanling has incorporated some consumer-friendly features that aren’t seen on competitively priced players.  These include use selectable upsampling, volume control, standby mode, and a premium remote control.
    •    As you can see, the CD-S100 MkII is a player that gives far more than its price tag would suggest!

    •    Premium Philips CDM-12.10 transport and CD7 II servo system
    •    Advanced Burr-Brown 1738 D/A converter chip
    •    Selectable 24 bit / 96 kHz upsampling
    •    Standby mode
    •    Volume control built in
    •    Aluminum chassis
    •    Aluminum transport housing
    •    High quality RCA jacks
    •    Premium remote control
    •    Upgraded power supply
    •    Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
    •    Signal-to-noise ratio: 115dB
    •    Dynamic range: 115dB
    •    Distortion factor: <0.002% (at 1kHz)
    •    Cross talk: >96dB
    •    Audio output: 0-2.0V
    •    Dimensions (L x W x H): 430 x 370 x 82 mm
    •    Net weight: ~9kg

Condition: Very Good -All original packing include.  Remote as well.

Original Retail Price: $999.00


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Used Components Rating Key:

  • Excellent: New in box (10/10).
  • Very good: Perfect front face, 1 minor flaw on body is acceptable (8-9/10).
  • Good: 1 or 2 minor flaws, used but well maintained (6-7/10).
  • Fair: 3 or 4 minor flaws, or 1 major scratch, appears used (5/10).


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