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Acoustic Revive's CB-1DB Receptacle Base Plate
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Acoustic Revive's CB-1DB Receptacle Base Plate

AC Duplex Outlets and Accessories by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

When we install a wall receptacle, we fasten a cover plate to a receptacle across the thin wall material. In other words, plasterboard or plywood board holds the wall receptacle, so the installation strength can't keep, and sound and picture quality become worse extremely by the influence of vibration. The receptacle base plate CB-1 can solve this vibration problem. The CB-1 reinforces the installation strength, it controls vibration quickly and audio/video quality improvement incredibly.

We use a highest quality material for CB-1
As the material of the Receptacle Base Plate CB-1, we use 2017 duralumin that is the best material from the point of the view of sound now. The content by percentage of copper that is contained in 2017 duralumin is high, and 2017 duralumin is called as super duralumin. The characteristic of 2017 duralumin gives you transparent sound. There is 7015 duralumin as the other type of duralumin. 7015 duralumin has high content by percentage of zinc, so the strength is powerful. But strength and hardness does not mean a good sound and good controlling vibration. We, ACOUSTIC REVIVE, have tested all Aluminum alloy, metals and the other materials. We decided to use 2017 duralumin finally, because we concluded that 2017 duralumin is the best at the point of sound quality.

The CB-1 is finished by anodized aluminum that improves sound quality more
The surface treatment of the CB-1 is processed by anodized aluminum that improves sound quality more and can maintain stable efficiency for long term. If the surface is not processed by anodized aluminum, tarnishing problem is caused and quality becomes worse quickly.

The CB-1 is suitable for almost any UL and JIS standard
Except some receptacles that have special forms, the CB-1 can be fitted almost any receptacles on the market. We made the shape of holes used for installation as oval, it absorb the gap of the location of the screw hole between CB-1 and inner receptacles.

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Price: $325.00
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