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Cable Research Lab's Bronze Series Bundle
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Cable Research Lab's Bronze Series Bundle

Speaker Cables by Cable Research Lab

Manufacturer's Description:

The Brilliance of Bronze.?SAVE — Buy the Bundle.

Everything you need to set up a system. The bundle includes two pairs of interconnects up to a maximum of 3 meters each, terminated with either RCA and/or XLR connectors, and one pair of speaker cables up to a maximum length of 12 feet, single or bi–wired all for the price of $1299.00. Each bundle will be made to order based upon your lengths of cables and connectors.
Even though we call these cables the Bronze Series, you won't find any Bronze in their construction. The Bronze Series Speaker Cables are handcrafted of 4–14-gauge stranded OFC copper conductors. The handmade Bronze Series Interconnect Cables are a Silver/Copper Hybrid design, combining both solid core and stranded technology. Resulting in lightweight, flexible cables which are also smaller in diameter.
    •    Wishing you could update your speaker cables and interconnects?
    •    Hoping for natural sound, black background and a wide soundstage?
    •    Dreaming of the concert hall experience at an affordable price?
    •    Your wish is granted.

Another natural brought to you by CRL. Close your eyes and explore the Bronze Series. Informal attire suggested.

Bronze Series Speaker Cables
    •    Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
    •    4–14 gauge stranded OFC copper conductors
    •    Conductors individually insulated with modified PVC dielectrics
    •    Available in bi-wire configuration?(2:4 or 4:4)
    •    Durable abrasion-resistant outer mesh covering
    •    Expert hand terminated, lead free Wonder Solder Signature solder
    •    Custom lengths up to 12 feet

Bronze Series Interconnect Cables

    •    Handmade in the U.S.A.
    •    Silver/Copper Hybrid Designs: ?Two – solid core silver conductors in Teflon insulation ?One – stranded OFC Copper conductor in Polyethylene insulation
    •    Braided configuration, wrapped with Teflon tape
    •    Unshielded
    •    Hand terminated, Lead-free Wonder Solder Signature solder
    •    Durable PVC outer tubing and braided mesh outer jacket
    •    Custom lengths up to 3 meters, terminated with either RCA or XLR connectors

Pricing Information

Amp End
Speaker End
Interconnect-1 [Source]
Interconnect-1 [Load]
Interconnect-2 [Load]
Interconnect-2 [Source]
Speaker Cable
Price: $1,299.00
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