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Brenda B2 RCA (Pair)
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Brenda B2 RCA (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description: Silver Electroplated on Pure Copper

The BrendaTM B2 uses a locking cylinder to secure itself to the audio appliance RCA chassis receptor.  The BrendaTM B2 has its wire insertion cylinders seamless to the transition interface when gripping the RCA chassis socket. Every design aspect that can enable such a connector to connect properly at this crucial transition interface has been incorporated in the BrendaTM B2. The signal piece is fully insulated from the earth ( negative ) assembly with Teflon®.  The BrendaTM B2 digs deeper, delivers more detail and opens a wider more stable stereo holographic stage / image than any other RCA type connector anywhere today.  The consequence is an RCA connector that  delivers  extraordinary dynamics and enables the interconnecting cable to perform at its maximum best.. The Brenda B2 is now in its third iteration. A lot has changed allowing for a slimmer and more functional design.

Its dimensions are: 115 mm long x 28 mm high  x 18mm widest .Its shape similar to  a camlobe.  As with previous iterations of the B2 only the signal pin is shielded by a ClawLock. Manufactured from High Conductivity Oxygen Free Pure Copper Billet ( 99.94%+Cu ) for all its conductive parts with Teflon for as its main insulator, the BrendaTM B2 has the correct pedigree of materials and design to ensure that it is the absolute ultimate RCA connector ( and not in name alone ) .  The design changes have resulted in a yet  quieter background and a more tenacious grip on the chassis socket perimeter. Lengthening of the ( Pure Copper ) ClawLock allows for more comprehensive shielding  of the Signal Pin delivering  a quieter and lower noise floor ( one might as well say there is no perceptible noise floor with the B2;  the new design puts paid to any argument about this ). The B2 has a seamless passage for the return cable to the ClawNose. This ensures seamless translation of signal path from cable to ClawNose / chassis socket interface without interruption.  This being one of the main features of this Pure Copper Connectors' ability to perform superbly.  The Brenda B2 ClawLock is 18.0mm in diameter and 61mm long. it fully encloses the signal pin space and guarantees a firm locking of the B2 to its mount.
The BrendaTM B2 allows for the securing of  interconnect wire cores up to 4.10mm in diameter (5/32" ) directly into the interconnect connector pole piece for both polarities without the use of solder.  There are no soldered pieces in the   BrendaTMB2 connector. Insertion cylinders are 19.1mm deep ( approx 3/4" ). Wire cores are secured with 2 x M4 grub screws in both the signal cylinder and return cylinder.

Because the B2#3 is shaped like a camlobe on an appliance where the centres of the sockets are >18.5mm the lobes can be turned opposed to each other and fit snugly with the reasonable spacings of such an appliance.

The performance of the B2 will never fade! Hence the name Amaranthine!

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