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Brenda B19 RCA (Pair)
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Brenda B19 RCA (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description: Silver Electroplate on Pure Copper

The Bocchino Audio Brenda, easily, are the best RCA connectors in the world today. Their manufacturing costs make them considerably more expensive, but they represent the pinnacle of what can be achieved in an RCA connector.

In short, if there is to be anything dramatic in a new design in an existing domain then the result should be outstanding performance. All Brenda RCA's are machined from High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper billet for both signal and return; this is then electroplated with 11 microns of Fine Silver directly onto the Copper. No Nickel or any other metal is used in the electroplating process thus ensuring real "high fidelity" to the original performance. The Brenda RCA's are the only RCA connector in the world today made totally from Pure Copper.

The Brenda RCA is exceptional in its performance in comparison to other connectors. Exclusively because of both the materials used, engineering design, applied design theory and in its quality of workmanship.

The Brenda B19 enables interconnect cable wires to be fastened into place with set screws, thus eliminating solder in the signal path, for both signal wire and return wires. The Brenda B19 is an excellent connector for the DIY'er because cables can be assembled and disassembled merely by screwing and unscrewing the set screw fasteners; enabling endless experimentation, if you so desire. Otherwise any cable inserted into the B19 will always sound at its exceptional best.

The consequence is a quality of sound not achieveable by any other means; of openess and grain free presentation. All Brenda RCA's are unconditionally stable for phase and impedance at all audio frequencies.


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