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Brenda B11 (Pair)
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Brenda B11 (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Brenda B11  'The Majestic'

Identical design paradigm to the BrendaTM  B2 the BrendaTM B11 is a single piece bare wire  RCA type connector. It has been designed to be able to be used with those appliances that have their chassis RCA receptors at half inch (12.7mm ) spacings ( the standard spacing on most audio appliances  is 14mm horizontally and 18mm vertically ).

Unlike the BrendaTM B2 'The  Ultimate' the BrendaTM  B11 does not have a ‘ClawLockTM'.
It is a push fit connector.

Its dimensions are 61mm long x 21mm high x 12.4mm wide and it weighs just on 58 grammes.
Insertion cylinders for the earth signal ( negative and shield ) is 4.4 mm and for the signal wire ( positive ) is 4.0 mm diameter.

Of an eccentric design the earth cylinder is on top of the signal cylinder. Cylinder depth is a minimum of 14mm.

The BrendaTM  B11 is a bare wire unshielded RCA type connector.


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