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Bosc (Pair)
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Bosc (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

High-Fidelity Bosc Speaker Cable Brings Detail and Accuracy   

The Bosc Speaker Cable has been specifically designed to offer highly refined performance at a reasonable price point. Positioned as a major upgrade over mass-market cables as well as other "audiophile" speaker cables in the same price range, the Bosc Speaker Cable brings the world of high-fidelity audio cables to a broader audience. Precisely engineered geometry and materials, and the quality of a US made product will satisfy discerning ears for years to come.

The Bosc Speaker Cable utilizes a total of 4 conductors to establish the traditional + / - connection needed for each speaker. This geometry allows for large improvements in basic accuracy, while top notch materials and construction allow low level sonic details to be realized. The bottom line is that Bosc Speaker Cables absorb less energy than typical 2 conductor speaker cables. Deliver sound energy where it belongs; to the speakers, not the speaker wire.

As is the case with any audio system, using high-fidelity speaker cables is essential to enabling high quality sound reproduction. Bosc Speaker Cable will help you realize the full potential of your system.


No Detail Too Small
Every aspect of the Bosc Speaker Cable has been meticulously analyzed to optimize performance. From the precise lay of the conductors, to the insulation thickness, to the material choices, no detail is too small for consideration. By optimizing every parameter, we can squeeze every bit of accuracy and performance out of a given cable geometry.

Low Inductance
By utilizing 4 conductors, precisely spaced in a spiraling helix, the Bosc Speaker Cable is able to achieve significantly lower inductance than traditional 2 wire speaker cables. Lower inductance allows Bosc Speaker Cables to handle large amounts of current, while still giving you all the detail you desire.

Mechanical Resonance Control

The Bosc Speaker Cable has been specifically designed to eliminate mechanical resonance. Internal magnetic fields in speaker cables can cause a cable to vibrate, which distorts the audio signal. The compressed cotton core of the cable in conjunction with the compressive outer jacket is designed to eliminate resonance caused by internal magnetic fields. The end result is bass that hits you like a brick (the way it should).

Highest Quality Materials

High purity, 99.99% pure oxygen free copper, fully annealed conductors are utilized in this cable. You won't find sound-degrading silver-plated copper here. Plating conductors in cables that carry music signals (interconnects and speaker cable) causes frequency smearing due to the skin effect. High frequency information, which gets pushed to the outside of the conductor, sees a different resistance (from being in a different metal) than the low frequency information.
High quality polyethylene primary insulation gives superb frequency response.

Better Noise Rejection
By utilizing 4 conductors in a spiraled helix, we have dramatically increased noise rejection as compared to 2-conductor speaker cables. Inducted noise will have a hard time finding its way into this cable, and Radio Frequency Interference is significantly deterred, all without the deleterious effects of a shield.

Made in the USA for superior quality

The connection for the Bosc Speaker Cable is achieved by crimping connectors under extreme pressure to achieve a cold weld between the connector itself and the cable conductors. Connectors are attached immediately after insulation is removed in order to achieve a corrosion free, permanent connection, that will provide years of stable performance. Level 1 Banana connectors are traditional gold plated spring leaf style. Level 1 Spade connectors are gold plated pure copper and are stepped to accommodate binding posts from 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter.

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