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Alpha Core Goertz's Boa AG 3 Bi-Wire (Pair)
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Alpha Core Goertz's Boa AG 3 Bi-Wire (Pair)

Speaker Cables by Alpha Core Goertz

These speaker cable's prices may be subject to adjustment depending on the price of silver.  Please order by first asking for "Request Final Price" and we will check with the manufacturer for final costs. 

Manufacturer's Description:

Think about Boa AG3 as a Big Boy AG3 Divinity with a twist. Same sound but with enhanced noise rejection and handling. All conductors are solid silver. When we refer to solid silver we mean just that: Solid 99/99% silver. Our products are not stranded from many wires or braided together. We olso do not belive in silver plating. Years of trials has confirmed that only solid silver conductors produce a dead quiet background, and that silver plating is at best a cosmetic,which does not affect sound.

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