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Blue Heaven Rev. II (Pair)
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Blue Heaven Rev. II (Pair)

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We are not offering new Nordost products for purchase at this time, however as a service to our customers we continue to offer most Nordost cables for in-home audition through the Cable Library.

Manufacturer's Description:

Blue Heaven Revision II loudspeaker cable consists of 72 separate conductors of 99.99999% OFC plated with fifty microns of high grade silver. The conductors, which have been slightly increased in size from the original Blue Heaven, are divided in to 4 groups of 18 to facilitate easy Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping. Each conductor is individually encapsulated in a flat extruded FEP ribbon. Blazingly fast, Blue Heaven transmits signals at over 93% the speed of light.

Refined, detailed and transparent, this cable will transport you to audio nirvana. Available pre-terminated with Nordost Z plugs or with gold-plated copper spade connectors.

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