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Oyaide's Black Mamba Sigma V2
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Oyaide's Black Mamba Sigma V2

Power Cables by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

BLACK MAMBA power cable was originally developed for professional recording studio in which flat and colorless sound character are required for a cable. This time, we modified it for home sound system and it was produced as the BLACK MAMBA-Σ.


It was planned by totally different perspective and concept from TUNAMI GPX series which is a symbol of Oyaide power cable and became a standard and best-selling power cable. The clean and crystal clear sound character bring an alternative variation to the power cable lineup of Oyaide.

3.5sq cable diameter makes it flexible and setting cables easier. And it equipped with the blade/contact made by beryllium copper which has high reputation by application of our premium line plug/connecter/receptacle, M1/F1/R1. Taking advantage of the high conductivity of beryllium copper, the blade is non-plating and buff-polished for getting rid of additional sound color by the power cable.

The name of the fast-moving snake, Black mamba, and the symbol of electric conductivity, sigma, expresses the high-speed electric flow of BLACK MAMBA-Σ.


The clear and powerful sound by 3.5sq PCOCC-A power unit compatible for 20A.


The insulator made of polymer polyolefin and inclusion made of low-dielectric flex PE attenuate vibration.


The perfect noise protection by copper foil shield which has 100% shielding ration and copper drain wire.


Fused glass sleeve is newly employed for its outer sleeve in addition to the halogen-free sheath which has excellent vibration damping property and electric characteristic.


The original plug with beryllium copper blades (non-plating, buff-finished) has hi-resolution sound characteristic.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $415.00
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