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Shunyata Research's Black Mamba HC
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Shunyata Research's Black Mamba HC

Power Cables by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

Black Mamba "CX-Series" Power-System

A Historical Power Cord Landmark

Shunyata Research's original Black Mamba (circa 2001-2005) set every conceivable performance and technology standard at real-world prices! While other companies were making power cords from speaker wire with no definable technology; the Black Mamba was a tour-de-force of technical innovation. Shunyata Research developed proprietary power-wiring hewn from certified CDA-101 copper, designed specifically for high-performance power delivery. We also introduced patented noise-reduction compounds, advanced cryogenic processes, audiophile grade AC connectors and a handcrafted construction quality that set the standard for others to aspire to.

Legendary Pedigree

Through the intervening ten years, Shunyata Research scientist Caelin Gabriel has continued along the path of innovation and materials science research in power cord technology. Technical advancements and multiple patents have resulted in award winning products, countless rave reviews and unprecedented professional endorsement.

For the first time, a scientifically derived power-cord system that sets new standards for performance at an unheard of low price!!

Unprecedented Performance and Value
The Black Mamba and Black Mamba-HC models incorporate the same technological and build quality advancements that have made Shunyata Research's top CX-Series models the most critically and professionally heralded products of their kind. What defines the Black Mamba "CX-Series" is their incredibly high performance to price index. There are NO competitive products for Black Mamba -- NONE! The Black Mamba "CX-Series" has redefined performance and value for high-end power cord technology -- again.

Compare the new Black Mamba CX Series to cables 3-4 times their price!

Systemic Approach -- A Two Headed Snake

The Black Mamba brings with it a new systemic approach to power cabling. The Black Mamba Power System is comprised of two cables engineered to perform as an integrated matched set, achieving unprecedented levels of performance at its price point. The first cable is the Black Mamba -- intended for source components and the second cable is called the Black Mamba-HC -- which is intended primarily for high-current components such as amplifiers and Hydra Power Conditioners.

No prior experience can prepare you for the profound performance and value engineered into the new Black Mamba CX-Series power cord system!

Black Mamba CX System Performance
When used as a power cabling system, with the Black Mamba on sources and the Black Mamba-HC on amplifiers and power distribution, there is a unique synergy achieved that simply must be experienced to fully appreciate.

The Black Mamba power system literally vanquishes any perceived noise-floor leaving tremendous amounts of naturally rendered ambient cues and low-level detail in its wake. The power cables advanced Shunyata CX-Series technology delivers astonishing sonic scale and dynamics while simultaneously improving low resolution and ambient field imaging capabilities. The Black Mamba's are pitch accurate and do not alter or color the spectral balance of your system, whether tube or solid state!

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