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Lehmann Audio's Black Cube Statement
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Lehmann Audio's Black Cube Statement

Phono Amps by Lehmann Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Black Cube Statement

This is a full function entry-level phonostage that offers adjustable gain and loading that is accessible from the bottom of the unit. Works well with both high output MM and low output MC.

Audio Section

    * Selectable Gain: 31dB, 41dB, 51dB, 61dB.
    * Input Impedance: selectable 47k, 1000 or 100 ohms.
    * Free slot for custom impedance load.
    * Input capacitance: 100pF.
    * Passive RIAA-filter with high performance MKP foil capacitors.
    * Soft-Bass-Rolloff filter (6dB/Okt @ 60Hz) jumper selectable.
    * DC-Output jumpers.
    * Double-sided audio board layout for optimal parts placement and trace routing.
    * Burr Brown audio grade operational amplifiers.
    * Gold plated RCA audio connectors.
    * External AC power supply.
    * Nonmagnetic case (aluminum). 

Pricing Information

Price: $449.00
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