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Black Ravioli's Big Pad (Single)
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Black Ravioli's Big Pad (Single)

Feet by Black Ravioli

Manufacturer's Description:

The Big Pad is a very effective and flexible solution where more clearance or capacity is required. It embodies improvements to give better separation from the support surface. They are designed to be used with the logo face down as the base and can be used in combinations from three up to five or six pads under any single piece of equipment. Typical use will be under the main source, control and power equipment and suggested options are presented in the Black Ravioli set-up guide.

The Big Pads are once again pre loaded for better efficiency and have nominally 1.5 mm of additional compression available to allow for settling of the equipment.

The nominal dimensions of the Big Pad are 41.5mm x 41.5mm x 23mm (21.5mm fully compressed).

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