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Herbie's Audio Lab's Fat Dot (Single)
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Herbie's Audio Lab's Fat Dot (Single)

Feet by Herbie's Audio Lab

Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. Because these are already the lowest prices possible,  the additional incentives usually available under  "Frequent Flyer" program do not apply to this item.

Manufacturer's Description:

1 each

With lightning-fast response, this very firm yet loosely structured material is formulated specifically for blocking soundwave energies.* Wide footprint gets a good grip and provides excellent lateral stability. Each Big Fat Dot supports and isolates from five to more than 200 pounds (90kg).
Big Fat Dot is 1-5/16" (33.3mm) diameter by 9/32" (7.2mm) thick. Perfect for floor-standing speakers, loudspeaker/stand decoupling, module decoupling, subwoofers, electrostatics, amplifier platforms, equipment racks.
Big, Small, Square, and X-Large Fat Dots are the same thickness and can be mixed and matched, or stacked, for unique applications. Use only as an interface between broad, flat surfaces (for use between spike and flat surface, use Herbie's Decoupling Glider or Cone/Spike Grounding Base. For use on carpet, use Herbie's Fat Gliders.)
Fat Dots are not weight-specific. The major factor is the amount of vibration-blocking "beef" involved. Because of the wide variation of vibrational environments Fat Dots may be employed in, specific recommendations are not always possible. Various Fat Dot sizes have a lot of overlap in their capacities, so choosing between them in many cases in not critical. Standard Big Fat Dots, however, have proven to be particularly effective throughout a wide range of vibrational circumstances and loudspeaker types and is the overwhelmingly popular choice of Herbie's customers.
Adhesive: Fat Dots get an excellent grip on most materials; loudspeakers will not slide or move and adhesive is rarely needed. To permanently adhere Fat Dots, however, just apply a small dab of Permatex Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker (available at auto parts stores). Permatex Blue RTV Gasket Maker is an excellent adhesive for all Herbie's dBNeutralizer and compliant footer products.

Small Fat Dot (3/4" dia.)
Square Fat Dot (1.06" x 1.06" square)
X-Large Fat Dot (1.5" dia.)
Giant Fat Dot (1.8" dia. x 9.5mm)

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Price: $4.19
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