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Black Ravioli's Base- 3 Layer
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Black Ravioli's Base- 3 Layer

Racks and Stands by Black Ravioli

Manufacturer's Description:

Works with standard supports, racks and furniture to give comparable performance with engineered supports at a reduced upgrade cost plus a solution can be implemented over time from a single component right up to a complete system.


Plates 2 and 3 are joined together with a polymer bond at a number of points.

The four support feet pass through plate 3 and are secured to plate 2.

The bond points separate plates 2 and 3 under no load.

When sufficient load is applied to plate 3 the bond releases to share load.

Plates 1 and 3 form a sandwich containing 9 rectangular BR Pads.

The pads pass through plate 2.

Plates 1 and 3 are bonded to the internal pads to form a semi rigid structure that acts as both the support for the equipment and also as a transmitter of both ambient and equipment generated energy to the

internal dissipation pads.

The four layer base has an extra plate 2 and thicker internal dissipation pads. It is stiffer and has a greater

load capacity.

The performance of both the 3 layer and 4 layer BR Bases can be further enhanced by coupling the equipment to the Base using BR Big Pads.

The BR Big Pads decouple the equipment feet which are generally isolators by design and also add additional dissipation capacity.

440x360x18mm (3 layer) / 23mm (4 layer)

Pricing Information

Price: $630.00
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