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Sound Anchors's B&W 805 Nautilus
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Sound Anchors's B&W 805 Nautilus

Racks and Stands by Sound Anchors

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Manufacturer's Description:

Please call for pricing.

The B&W 805 Speakers require correct placement and support if they are expected to perform to their potential. Sound Anchor 805N Stands will out perform any other stand with the B&W 805N, 805S or 805 Signature speakers.

The B&W 805 is no ordinary little speaker so we designed a special stand for it. The Three Post Monitor Stand is our best all purpose stand design. It is extremely rigid and stores very little energy so that is where we started. Externally the 805N stand looks similar to our other three post stands. Internally it is quite different. The weight bias and tuning of this stand was optimized for the 805 .

Your 805 Speakers will have better bass, better dynamics and better detail bottom to top when you place them on Sound Anchor Stands. This translates into a more musical more lifelike experience.

Sound Anchor B&W 805N Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of 14 and 16 gauge steel tubing along with 1/2 in. solid steel bar. They come pre-filled with special materials to make them acoustically dead and add mass. This ensures that the stand adds no sound character of it's own. The stands are spiked three points at the floor to enhance stability and mass loading. The Speaker may be fastened to the stand with a single M-6 screw. The interface between the speaker and the stand is three of our special bluedots. These stands are finished in an attractive light textured black. This finish goes well with all of B&W's cabinet finishes.

If you have the 805 Signature speakers you should not be using any other stand. These stands bring out their best.

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