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Sound Anchors's B&W 801 Matrix
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Sound Anchors's B&W 801 Matrix

Racks and Stands by Sound Anchors

Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. Because these are already the lowest prices possible,  the additional incentives usually available under  "Frequent Flyer" program do not apply to this item.

Manufacturer's Description:

Sound Anchors makes two different stands for B&W 801 speakers. The 801 SIII stand is for the B&W 801 SIII speakers. The 801 SII stand is for any B&W 801 speakers that are pre Series III. This includes 801 F, 801 Series 80, 801 Matrix Series II and Anniversary Edition speakers.

Sound Anchor 801 stands are a necessity if you wish to extract all of the performance that your speakers have to offer. The first thing that you notice when you get your 801s off of the floor and onto Sound Anchor Stands is that your bass becomes noticeably more tight and less one note in nature. When you improve the bottom end all other aspects of speaker performance are also improved along with it. Audiophiles and non audiophiles alike will be able to hear the great improvement in overall clarity.

Sound Anchor 801 Stands come from the factory filled with our proprietary filling that has been optimized to eliminate unwanted resonance. You do not need to mess with sand or shot. We provide 3 different lengths of spikes for the rear position so that you can tune your speakers for different sized rooms and listening distances.

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Price: $575.00
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