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Audio/Video Racks

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Billy Bags Pro-Stand audio/video equipment furniture does much more than give you an attractive place to hold your components. These designs will improve equipment performance in ways you can see and hear. Our racks have in common non-resonant composite wood-laminate shelves, rigid steel frames, optional isolation tipped legs and leg vibration dampers.

These features will optimize your components’ performance by controlling equipment vibrations, providing isolation from one component to the next, and ventilating hot running gear. Also available are clear 3/8” or cracked 3/4” glass shelving with dampening features of their own.

These high-end racks will isolate your components from one another, and with our rack designs you can avoid stacking components directly on top of each other.

Stacking causes components to pickup vibrations and magnetic fields from each other, as well as overheating. These vibrations and magnetic fields can seriously affect the performance of your components. If you have special spacing requirements, we provide custom options not found in other racks.

Wood racks store heat and vibrations! Billy Bags Designed A/V racks are made of precisely milled steel that is then welded into place on the inside of the rack. This means you do not see any welds, and gives you the appearance of a molded frame. These equipment racks can support massive weight.

Steel is both rigid and transfers heat and vibrations to the spiked legs, which is dissipated into the floor. Room vibrations are also prevented from interacting with your components. In addition, the internal vibrations of transformers and active circuits are minimized. If you feel you need additional dampening, we offer sand filled vertical columns as an option.

Note:  Please call for pricing and custom configurations

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