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Audio Isolation Device AID-9
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Audio Isolation Device AID-9

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Audio Isolation Device AID-9

Because of the wide range of format players and peripherals now available, the well informed enthusiast understands that it takes more than great components to achieve a first-rate system. Every new piece of equipment has the potential to present interconnect difficulties.

In order to avoid hum or noise, lengthy interconnect cables normally require balanced terminations. Unfortunately, many components do not provide balanced-output options. Even if an adapter seems tailored to the problem, ground loops in the AC power system can produce that which the audiophile least desires. For example, a preamplifier powered at one side of a room’s AC distribution system is often connected to an amplifier powered at a different ground reference point. It’s an often unavoidable situation that can cause real problems. As so many listeners have discovered, annoying ground-loop-induced hum and noise are difficult to remedy.

Until now.

The AID-9 is an advanced active ground isolation device designed to drive interconnect cables of 40 to 100 feet in length. The AID09 features RCA inputs for connection to your preamp’s outputs and RCA or balanced XLR terminations for connecting to your amplifier.

Acting as a buffer stage, an instrument-grade input circuit is direct-coupled to a low-output-impedance line-driver stage. The line driver feeds the inputs of a professional-quality isolation transformer manufactured by Jensen exclusively for NuForce. (Jensen transformers are world-renowned for providing the ultimate in linear-phase, wide-bandwidth performance for professional sound and recording applications.)

Briefly stated, the AID-9 is designed to address any cable conversion or ground-loop problem you are likely to encounter. NuForce has gone to great lengths to ensure that the AID-9 delivers nothing less than the ultimate in transparency.

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