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PranaWire's Arhat Digital (RCA)
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PranaWire's Arhat Digital (RCA)

Digital: SPDIF by PranaWire

Manufacturer's Description:

Hearing a major breakthrough in sound reproduction for the first time, one’s recognition and understanding of the event is instantaneous and undeniable. 

When making this all out assault on the upper limits of performance, tested principles were combined with daring innovations to arrive at a new stage of evolution. By combining the ribbon used in the Nataraja speaker cable (13 gauge) with the one used in the Cosmos (7gauge) and adding a third (outer) shield and other enhancements, we arrived at a level of performance challenged only by our flagship Avatar speaker cable. The first thing you notice is the superior grip the Arhat has on the music. Everything, from the fastest leading edges to the most subtle overtones and longest decays, comes to life. Bass support is rock solid, and the highs seem to go on forever. The all important mid-range has an uncanny sense of realism. A breath-taking panorama of the performance is revealed for the first time.

Pure silver, custom made ribbons - 6 gauge architecture

Multi-layered, 3 shield -17 element construction for maximum noise reduction and noise absorption

Custom Vibration Damping

Oyaide Spade Lugs or Banana Plugs

Uncanny Realism

Ultimate depth, clarity, transparency and speed

Highest density of timbral, spacial and ambient information

Relaxed natural sound

Pricing Information

Source End [Upstream]
Load End [Downstream]
Price: $4,975.00
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