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Apollo Mk II-S (Pair)
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Apollo Mk II-S (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Apollo MCRPC Series:

* Mono-Crystal Rectangular Pure Copper (MCRPC) Conductor.
* Teflon FEP & Microporous Teflon PTFE as dielectric.
* High Density Braided shielding & High Percentage Coverage.
* Environmental Safety Standard Polyvinyl Chloride Sheath.
* Various Rectangular Conductor sizes with tubular design.
* High conductivity Mono-Crystal Pure Copper Connector with 24K gold / or rhodium direct plated.

Apollo-S Mk II Prime Speaker Cable
With Non-boundary (Mono-Crystal Rectangular Copper) high purity copper and innovative configuration, Apollo speaker cables provide impressive imaging and dynamic bass impact. Along with 24K gold plated Mono-Crystal Y spade with great contact, they create a perfect connection. Apollo-S Mk Ii Prime is designed for both single & bi-wire applications.

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