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Aphrodite Phono
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Aphrodite Phono

Tonearm Cables by

Manufacturer's Description:

The new Aphrodite series topology is based on a quadric-axial geometry using 5 conductors, three are in OFC Copper and two are in Silver. The silver wire is produced by an high-tech company, working in the military field, with a particular process extracting the pure Silver, with a chemical process, out of Silver Nitrite.

As reviewed by fadel Art’s documentation, the cable has two internal conductors with two shields: one is internal, driven by a booster with unitary gain and free from Phase rotations so that the conductor practically does not “see” the shield, granting a perfect signal transmission, while the external shield acts like a normal conductor.

According Fadel Art this topology allows to virtually eliminate all the negative effects of parasite interferences on the signal transmission.

The internal and external dielectrics have been studied by the French technicians because they are more efficient in reflecting the ultraviolet rays, emitted by the electromagnetic field internally generated by any conductor when carrying an electrical current flow, which add noise and interferences to the signal. The internal dielectric is made of the whitest cotton which proved to be the best in this particular application (better than Teflon or Air), the external sheath is transparent.

The cable is somehow rigid but you can handle it easily because the diameter is not too large. The test cable is terminated with WBT Nextgen of the highest quality.


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