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DSPeaker's Anti-Mode 8033S MK II
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DSPeaker's Anti-Mode 8033S MK II

Acoustic Treatments by DSPeaker

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Manufacturer's Description:

Typical listening room has high-Q acoustic resonances (room modes) in low frequencies. The room modes cause that even the best subwoofer does not sound as good as expected. The problem is worse when subwoofer is placed close to the walls or to the corner of the listening room.

ANTI-MODE 8033 MK II technology (TM) eliminates the acoustic resonances of the room by correcting both the amplitude and the phase of the disturbing frequencies with very accurate filters. The device is very simple to use and is calibrated with a push of two buttons. It measures the combined subwoofer (or multiple subwoofers) and room response at the listening position or area, then designs the correction. Because the room modes are removed, you have the unique freedom to place the subwoofer(s) anywhere in the room (even corners)!

ANTI-MODE 8033 MK II is connected to the line input of the active subwoofer by using standard RCA cables for input and output. Optionally a RCA to XLR converter provides balanced output connection. A calibration microphone is included in the package.



  • Measures room response with the included microphone
  • Easy to use, fully automatic calibration (no computer required)
  • Works with any active subwoofer and multiple subwoofers that use mono signal
  • Minimum-phase, no additional algorithm delay (total latency 2.7ms)
  • Frequency range 5-250Hz (-3 dB)
  • Frequency range of correction 16-250 Hz
  • Three user selectable low frequency EQs
  • 5 low-pass and 2 dipole correction modes
  • Single point / wider area optimization
  • Stereo inputs with active summing (mono output)
  • Simultaneous connection of stereo system and home theater possible
    (with stereo to mono or speaker level adapter)
  • Smooth power on and off with fade-in
  • Improved dynamics (THD and SNR)
  • Possibility to power from 12 VDC supply
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors
  • Dimensions 126 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm


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Price: $445.00
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