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DSPeaker's Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema
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DSPeaker's Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema

Acoustic Treatments by DSPeaker

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Manufacturer's Description:

Typical listening room has high-Q acoustic resonances  in low frequencies with the result that even the best subwoofer may not sound as good as expected. The problem is worse when subwoofer is placed close to the walls or in to the corner of the listening room.

ANTI-MODE 8033 technology (TM) eliminates the acoustic resonances of the room by equalizing both the amplitude and the phase of the disturbing frequencies with very accurate filters. The device is very simple to use and capable of self-calibration. It can measure the combined subwoofer and the room system response at the listening position or positions.

ANTI-MODE 8033 is connected to the line input of the active subwoofer by using standard RCA cables for input and output. A microphone for calibration is included.


    * Measures room response with included microphone
    * Easy to use, fully automatic calibration
    * Works with any active subwoofer
    * Minimum-phase, no additional algorithm delay (total delay 2.7ms)
    * Frequency range 5-160Hz (-6 dB)
    * Frequency range of correction 16-160 Hz
    * Three user selectable low frequency EQs
    * Single point / wider area optimization
    * Dimensions 126 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm
    * Weight 230 g

Some reviews of the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033

“In summary, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode is a dandy little device for taking care of the major influences of room modes. It is incredibly easy to use and reasonable priced.”
Stereophile, Jan ‘09

“All in all, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 is a very useful gadget that’s verging on essential if your sub-woofer does not already have a  notch filter or some sort of room correction facility, or if you do not have free rein over placement.”
HI-FI World, Aug ‘08

“Calibrated sub-woofer sounded clearly more balanced and accurate. Also the integration to the main speakers improved, and localisation of the sub-woofer diminished.
Anyone can use it, and the result is always consistently successful”
Hifimaailma, Jan ‘08 (translated from Finnish)


     The SIMPLEST and most COST EFFECTIVE solution on the market

    NO COMPUTER or costly INSTALLER / DEALER required

    SIMPLY connect the supplied calibrated mic, press calibrate, wait 3 minutes and ENJOY :-)

    Two front panel selectable eq curves ( LIFT 25, LIFT 35 ) for extra bass

    GOT MULTIPLE SUBS ? - Just add one per sub.... or consider using the model 8033S.

Place your sub in a corner ( where it is most efficient ) and DSPeaker will even correct this.

What's new in 8033S version:

    * Two inputs for stereo system use (mono output)
    * Simultaneous use for stereo system and home theater is possible
      (with stereo to mono or speaker level adapter)
    * Smooth power on and power off
    * Larger pass-through frequency range: 5Hz to 240Hz (-3dB)
    * Improved dynamics (SNR and THD)
    * Works with 12VDC as well as 9VAC
    * Gold-plated connectors

Pricing Information

Price: $345.00
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