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Anjou (Pair)
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Anjou (Pair)

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Ultimate Analog Interconnect

Pear Cable believes its ANJOU Interconnects are some of the best analog interconnects in the world, period. Meticulously designed and tested, with no expense spared in either the cable materials or construction techniques, the result is a sonic marvel. The design philosophy behind the ANJOU Interconnects begins with rigorous consideration of applicable scientific and engineering principles followed by real world testing. The goal is to procure the most accurate sound possible. For those curious about the technical aspects of the design, a technical overview is provided below. For detailed cable information please see the cable design section of this website which focuses on the Anjou Analog Interconnect. Of course technical explanation can only go so far, at some point there is no substitute for hearing the product for yourself.


Solid Gold
ANJOU interconnects employ ultra high purity (99.99%) solid gold conductors. It is extremely important for interconnects to maintain a smooth, impurity free conductor surface to maintain signal integrity. Both copper and silver conductors corrode in air over time creating a thin layer of either copper oxide or silver sulfide. Both of these contaminants have vastly different electrical properties from their metallic counterparts, which will cause signal distortion in interconnects. All dielectric materials, including Teflon, are permeable to oxygen, which means that over time, the copper or silver conductors will become damaged. This is especially problematic at the termination ends where heat is frequently applied from resistance welding or soldering.

Ultra Low Capacitance
ANJOU Cables have one of the lowest capacitances of any analog interconnect in the world. High capacitance is one of the most detrimental electrical properties an audio interconnect can possess. It is a fundamental electrical property that causes energy to be absorbed and later desorbed from signals passing through a cable. ANJOU cables reduce the signal degrading effects of capacitance to near zero.

Cold Welding
All ANJOU cables feature cold welded terminations locked to the connector with a setscrew. Cold welding is a welding process performed under high pressure or vacuum without the use of heat. If a connector and its associated wire are crimped with precision made “dies” and the appropriate amount of pressure is applied, a cold weld will take place. When done properly a gas tight connection that is often stronger than the parent materials is the result. Cold welding is superior to both resistance welding and soldering due to the fact that no heat is generated which can cause unwanted deformation and oxidation.

“PERFECT-TWIST” Conductors

ANJOU Cables use Pear Cable “Perfect Twist” technology. “Perfect-Twist” is a proprietary conductor arrangement optimized to provide ultra low cable capacitance while still blocking noise pickup. “Perfect-Twist” noise rejecting geometry prevents the need for a shield around the two core conductors. The elimination of the outer shield allows reduced cable capacitance for increased signal accuracy. Anjou Cables utilize two 36 gauge pure gold conductors in a “balanced” configuration. Solid conductors are employed instead of stranded to avoid unwanted haphazard magnetic field interaction and other uncontrolled electrical phenomena.

Machine Made
Do NOT buy handmade cables! Do not be fooled by competitors who claim that handmade cables are superior. Audio cables are precision electrical devices. The ONLY way to ensure that you are receiving the precision necessary to ensure repeatability and accuracy is to insist on machine made cables. All ANJOU interconnects are produced on proprietary custom designed and built machinery. The greatest cable design in the world is absolutely worthless if it cannot be produced reliably to design specifications.

Teflon/Air Dielectric System
The cable dielectric, or material that surrounds the conductor, is extremely important. Pear Cable has developed a proprietary dielectric system that is comprised solely of PTFE Teflon and air. The dielectric is important because it soaks up and then releases energy as the audio signal flows through the cable. This energy transfer is a direct form of sonic degradation. The ANJOU dielectric system keeps this degradation to an absolute minimum.

Mechanical Robustness

The mechanical integrity of a cable is a critical, but often overlooked, design element. There are two major reasons why mechanical robustness is necessary in high performance cables: stability of the cable electrical properties and minimization of noise producing phenomena such as the triboelectric effect. Simply put, if components inside the cable move relative to each other as the cable is flexed, the electrical properties change. This can make one cable in a pair sound different from the other. The triboelectric effect occurs when conductors vibrate. In brief, this vibration causes energy to be absorbed and desorbed from the audio signal, causing distortion. Many leading cable designs employ the use of inferior mechanical construction techniques such as air tubes to house conductors. Pear Cable considers these designs to be absolutely unacceptable. ANJOU Cables feature solidly engineered support systems to ensure mechanical robustness.

ANJOU Cables feature Topline WBT RCA crimp connectors. Widely considered to be the best connectors in the world, these jewelry-grade connectors feature German precision-machined copper bodies plated in gold and ruthenium. A patented collet system allows the plugs to be “locked” in position to prevent distortion from vibration. For more information see WBT’s website (

Quality Control
All ANJOU cables undergo a comprehensive quality control check before they leave Pear Cable. Key electrical parameters are tested in addition to visual and mechanical integrity checks. As a Pear Cable customer, you are assured that you will receive your product in pristine condition.

Made in the USA for superior quality

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