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Shunyata Research's Anaconda CX
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Shunyata Research's Anaconda CX

Power Cables by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

The name ‘Anaconda’ holds a place of reverence in Shunyata Research’s ten-year product history, designating previous commercial, and in-house references for performance. The Anaconda CX model not only re-defines that class of product, it creates a new benchmark; one that even its creator did not believe possible. The Anaconda CX is no tweak or simple system accessory -- it is a component in terms of its impact within top systems. Its performance signature in any first class recording, mastering or playback system is undeniable, allowing for the natural reproduction of the finest detail and most subtle shade of dynamic nuance.

Its predecessor, the Anaconda Helix Alpha, was the professional’s reference, having been tested and selected for use in the re-mastering of Dark Side Of The Moon and many other seminal recordings. The original Anaconda Helix earned unprecedented accolades from the most influential mastering, recording and media entities in the world.

Quite obviously, no cost was spared in outfitting the Anaconda CX with the finest quality conductors possible, pulled from solid billets of CDA 101 copper. The Anaconda CX sports and incredible 450 individual conductors, all braided using Shunyata’s proprietary dual counter rotating geometry. Its massive 7 gauge aggregate conductor core may make them attractive for high-current applications only, however the Anaconda CX has proven equally capable of offering the finest in resolution when used on digital and analog sources, as well as mic-preamps and line components of all kinds. Terminations are Shunyata’s own, optimized SR-ZP AC and IEC connectors. The Anaconda CX also undergoes the exclusive Alpha Cryogenic conductor treatment before being finished and ready for application!

Obviously, the Anaconda CX can be used as a reference for performance with literally any component. The Anaconda CX can be run throughout a system, or it can be used as a high-current counterpart to the Python CX used on sources, or as a Source, analog and line component counterpart to the even more massive King Cobra CX.

**As with any power-line product of this type and expense, an in system evaluation is critical prior to purchase consideration. Please see your local authorized Shunyata Research retail outlet to arrange an in system demonstration! Call Shunyata for a referral to the dealer nearest you!

All internal wiring, connectors and conductive elements are treated with Shunyata Research's exclusive performance enhancing Alpha Cryogenic process.

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