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Sound Anchors's Amplifier Stand Amp Small
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Sound Anchors's Amplifier Stand Amp Small

Racks and Stands by Sound Anchors

Our pricing for this product is the "MAP Pricing."  This means that the prices shown here are the "minimum advertised prices" permitted by the manufacturer. Because these are already the lowest prices possible,  the additional incentives usually available under  "Frequent Flyer" program do not apply to this item.

Manufacturer's Description:

SMALL  (less than 12" deep)
Type "A"Four Point Amplifier Stands with standard casters or  spikes.

Sound Anchor Amplifier Stands are custom made for each individual amplifier. They are available with cones, spikes or casters, prefilled. or empty. Our amp stands can safely support 300 pounds on casters or 500 pounds on spikes.

Sound Anchor Amplifier Stands with casters  allow you to move even the largest, heaviest amplifiers with ease and safety.

For the performance oriented audiophile filled Sound Anchor Amplifier Stands with spikes are an excellent way to prevent vibration induced artifacts from getting into the audio system. These gains can be heard with both tube amplifiers and transistor amplifiers
Sound Anchor Amplifier Stands enhance air flow and get the amplifiers out of harms way from foot traffic and vacuum cleaners.

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Price: $329.00
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