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JPS Labs's Aluminata Reference (Pair)
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JPS Labs's Aluminata Reference (Pair)

Interconnects by JPS Labs

Manufacturer's Descriptioin:

Interconnects form the critical link between components and must flawlessly convey delicate low level signals while acting as perfect interfaces between various inputs and outputs designed with no real standards or rules. Any deflection of the sound before it even gets to the amplifier and your ears and you may as well have purchased an integrated receiver with a built-in 5 disc DVD player instead of all those wonderfully refined high-end electronics.

In order for interconnects to transfer low level signals without adding distortion or noise, they must not only be made with the finest conductor materials and insulations, but also be able to deal with ground loops not only at 50 and 60 Hz but all the way up into the many hundreds of megahertz and beyond, otherwise contamination of the signal causing masking of low level details and harshness will occur. EMI (electromagnetic interference) from nearby AC wiring, high fequency dielectric absorption, capacitive loading, you name it, the interconnects are where it all goes wrong within a system.

Aluminata interconnects address these issues and then some, offering the highest degree of noise and hum immunity with perfectly tuned clarity of sound. A quad lay of a newly designed and specially annealed solid core Alumiloy conductors (the equivalent of two 12 AWG/3.31 mm2 conductors for negligible resistance even in longer lengths), each conductor individually insulated with very expensive medical grade Kapton to exacting standards of thickness and purity, blanketed by smaller version of the Particle Aluminum Shield with its inherent noise absorption and ultra low impedance, Aluminata interconnects set the stage for a JPS wired system of impeccable quality of sound sure to give you goose bumps and an occasional tear for years to come.

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