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AlphaBabana (Set of 4)
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AlphaBabana (Set of 4)

Banana by

Manufacturer's Description:
Silver Electroplated on Pure Copper


( Alpha Bocchino Audio Banana )

With an audio  connector design experience going back over 20+ years I put quite a few hours into designing a banana connector.  With extensive research over the last 3 years the design is now the Alphababana MkII.

This incorporates a Beryllium Copper 98% Copper and 2% Beryllium spring which is electroplates with 60 microns of Pure Silver.  The Wire Holding Body is now Pure Copper ( 99.94%+ Alloy C11000 ) and the locking bolt is Brass. Both holding body and brass bolt are electroplated with 11 microns of Fine Silver.

The those materials that alter and degrade sound, Nickel Electroplating are not used at all.

Manufactured from Pure Copper and then electroplated with >11 microns of Fine Silver the AlphaBAbana represents a radical approach to holding wire into a banana connector.
Most banana connectors are electroplated with Nickel. before a Nickel doped hard gold electroplate is used to finish the outer surface. This gives the connector an excellent appearance but woeful sonics. This is because the Nickel self magnetises in the presence of an electric field and this retained magnetism gradually increases and destroys clarity of the music signal that transits this layer.

The AlphaBAbana is electroplated with Silver only with no subplates of any sort.  The Silver electroplate on the AlphaBAbana is a matt finish;  because there are no artifices in the silver solution to interfere with the ability of the silver to do its job of protecting the brass sub metal or to detract from the purity of the silver being used. Consequently the silver electroplate is > 99.999%; Pure Anodic Silver!
The physical construction of AlphaBAbana assists in attaining a very high torque and holding pressure on the speaker cable inserted into it.  The Hex outer body enables the use of two spanners, or a spanner and a socket or two sockets,  to lock the wire with MODERATE force, though care should be taken not to over tighten the two components as brass will only take so much torque before snapping.  This assists in maximising transmission efficiency from cable to connector and hence to or from the loudspeaker or amplifier respectively.

The locking bolt on the MkII is 2mm wider and no longer has the stacking hole to enable more banana's to be stacked behind. Thus ensuring the entire front face of the locking bolt holds the conductive wire into the forward face of the Pure Copper holding component.

The sonic difference is quite astounding especially compared to gold on nickel banana's; Direct gold plating is not an option because the Pure Copper  will eventually  absorb the gold into its body matrix over a period of time and the connector begins to look awful and perform awfully also.

The AlphaBAbana MkII  is robustly constructed and will deliver excellent audio from whatever cable it carries. If inserting fine wires use a spacer or packing between the bolt face abd the cable to ensure a firm grip.


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