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Air Head Reference AHR-2 Isolation Platform
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Air Head Reference AHR-2 Isolation Platform

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For nearly 15 years the Lead Balloon has been the reference turntable isolation stand. It has been doing a remarkable job of defeating the effects of footfalls and structure-borne acoustic feedback, making most of the finest turntables in the world sound even better. However, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) told us to "get the lead out" (of the Lead Balloon). And so began a search for a lead substitute. We tried sand, plastic pellets, rubbery isolation media, etc. At last we found something even better than lead... The AIR HEAD, a pneumatic isolation box! We made it large enough to accommodate virtually any turntable (16" x 19" x 2"). It consists of a thick MDF platform on enclosed heavy-duty rubber tubes filled with air. An optional air pump is available. The base is constructed of non-endangered Brazilian Cherry Wood - 'Jatoba'), hand rubbed to a fiddle back finish.

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